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“Earn a crore in 3 years without breaking a sweat during Covid affected era”

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Let’s quickly understand where a crore can take you to, in India. You will be ahead of ~135 crore people out of ~136 Crore people in terms of financial well-being. You will straight-up, be in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in India.

Top 1% sometimes makes me feel super nervous. Because I never was even a top 10 student in all of my school history :). I got a 75% CAT score which means I fall somewhere below 25% of graduates in terms of IQ. And also this history will put me into inactivity and I decided to ditch my intelligence and will continue to be stupid.

Let’s start splitting hairs, if you want to make a revenue of 1 Crore then you should sell the products. And if you plan to sell Rs 100/unit you have to sell 1 lakh units of it. It looks like a lot of work. Let's up the game now If you sell a Rs 10,000/unit product you have to sell 1000 units. Let’s further up the game If you sell a Rs 1 lakh/unit product you just have to sell 100 units, looks simple right. Or the ultimate, not sweat-breaking situation is you sell Rs 1 Crore product to one person and you are done.

Let’s test this logic with a love-game metaphor. Earning 1 Crore is somewhat like marrying your dream gal or guy (It may be much more or much less). So let’s try the easiest option, you see some gal or guy (She doesn't know you at all) and your heart pumps you go propose and she agrees to marry you. End of the story, let's eat the popcorn and go home :).

However, I have never seen this happening in and around me (maybe I'm surrounded by all freaks).

Let’s make our story a bit real. You go and ask your heart-thumping gal or guy for a date and she or he agrees. Hold on a sec, in college we used to get slapped man!

The easier options look less possible now I realize!

So what's the super easiest to do, say hi to all and everyone. And if someone responds positively, continue with a conversation. And if that sparks interests get out for a date. And the wind starts blowing, and it starts raining then if chemistry works you ask to marry and the guy or gal agrees.

This takes 3 hours in Bollywood but may take 3 years for you, which is good.

This is the same process we use in Digital Marketing, CATT.

C: Content creation that is of value to your target. Love-Game: ensure that you don't look like a freak when you say hi or best case be more presentable.

A: Attention, gain it by sharing some freebies, etc.... Love-Game: Say hi

T: Trust, more freebies which can help them understand your product better. Love-Game: connect and know each other,

T: Transaction, ask the prospect if they want to buy. Love-Game: Ask for a hand

The beauty of this is before you get to the final T, i.e Transaction, or asking for a hand, you will get to know the success probability and you can re-work on your earlier steps.

All this looks something like below,

So you have to take the pool of leads through various phases which yield various profit levels.

And I see it may take around 3 years to complete this whole cycle and considering the revenue minus the various costs (Content creation + Lead acquisition + Other costs) you should end up with 1 Cr at the end of the cycle.

The above strategy should work if the natural marketing laws are followed.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer's needs so well the product and service fits him and sells itself...The aim of marketing is to make marketing superfluous” --Peter Drucker.

This looks theoretical, right?

Let's look at few companies who don't do sales promotions, key name that comes to me is, GOOGLE, as soon we want to check something we get on to google and start searching. It has identified the need to navigate the internet and it does so well hence marketing for the GOOGLE search engine business has become superfluous. However, keep in mind that GOOGLE did marketing before coming up with product. Most important law is customer need comes first then the product which serves the needs.

AMAZON is the next which came to my mind, which addressed the need for a super convenient shopping experience. As soon I need something I just log into Amazon and start buying.

Even though we have few examples like this which fits Peter’s quote above.

Let’s not get demotivated if you don't have a great product.

It's the right product for the right need and at the right time.

Let's look at Zomato, do you think it's a competition with GOOGLE, I don't think so. But it's a super niche search engine. Which focus on only food and locality, and as soon I feel hungry I log onto Zomato and look for dine-in or food delivery options in India.

So catering to niche markets becomes the first starting point anybody can start from here to make your product the optimized product to cater to the needs of this niche market.

And as said above its the starting point, of the MASStrust blueprint, developed by DigitalDeepak which looks like below,

It's an iterative process, which helps you refine the product functionalities to fit the niche market needs. And the niche, after some cycles may become mature and you can move to other niches or expand the niche definitions.

Now even though you have a great product specific to your niche (Which most of the creators of the product feel but it may be a horrible product) only the customers have the right to say this, and there are some simple proxies to evaluate that. However, an initial effort is needed to attract your customers to try your product out such that you can get feedback. Multiple proxies which will let you know how good your product is, the traffic to your site, time spent on your product and service and lastly customer reviews of the product.

If customers don't spend time with your product, it's not as great as you think and this calls for structured experiments.

To facilitate this effort of marketing. Digital mode is the most efficient one, where you can start with paid advertising initially, email marketing, then work on SEO, Marketing automation and finally leading to a transaction. With these Digital tools you will be able to get the data like, the traffic to your site, time spent on your product and service and lastly customer reviews of the product which you can use to fine tune your product or service.

Lastly and the most important, COVID has changed the world in an unprecedented way. Especially for Digital Marketing, because the usage of the internet has increased and even organizations and governments which were adamant to not change, had to get updated to the Digital era. With that being said COVID era will be a more digital era than in history, which opens up the opportunities for Digital products and services

So how do you make one crore in 3 years?

  1. Identify the niche

  2. Develop the product (various ways explained above)

  3. Test the product

  4. Refine the product based on customer feedback

  5. Re-develop the product

All during this cycle you can keep earning and the more number of cycles you go through the more will be the earning potential.

And also I strongly recommend you to try Affiliate marketing if you can come across your own product or services at this moment.

After your are successful plan for a fantastic travel.

All the best and welcome to Digital Marketing.


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